life is just a poker game
2001-08-09 18:58:43 (UTC)

meaningful dream?

So last night I dreamt I was pregnant (don't know who the
father was, I was alone in the dream) - and went to have an
abortion, but they doctors wouldn't let me have one because
they said I'd already had one before and that messed me up -
so I couldn't have another. I would have to carry the baby
to term. I remember begging with them to let me abort it,
but they wouldn't. (note: I've never had an abortion irl)

So this morning I wake up, and barely remembered it. (Notice
the lack of details, eh?). Got to work and looked up the
meaning of abortion on various dream interpretation websites
- it said that for a woman, this dream could mean oncoming
poor health, or a failure of a goal or project. So I look up
pregnancy - and it said that symbolically that means birth
of a new idea or project, or a starting over poitn in life.
So isn't it weird that in my dream, I had already had one
failure, but with my new idea my subconscious was not
allowing me to abort it? That's just cool, I think.

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