Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2002-10-30 06:40:11 (UTC)

funky bleeding dreams

i can tell my period is coming.
i can smell it coming...ick

ya know, from reading past entries, you d think i have a
strange fixation with my uterus, but i dont, i just cant
stand the idea of bleeding like a skinned pig. i mean, its
gross, you smell, you leak, you hurt, and worse of all, it
goes on for days.

anyhow, i think ive ranted enough about that subject.

so onto wot i actually planned on writing about.

i had the weirdest dream last night/this morning.
i cant remember wot it had started off as but i do now i
was at my aunts house and someone had poked my in the left
thumb. SOOOO, anyhow the house was dark and there was a
evil *movie style* wizard or something and i had to make it
live by squirting blood on it then i had to stab it
repeadtedly with a dull sword.

i killed it and won (or at least i had thought i did).
i went to another giant wooden door and starting stabbing
this wooden thing which came to life (it was mahogany
colored and red, with ribbons. it ended up being a princess
i had to set free but the entire time i thought it was a
trick and the reward was behind the door so i stabbed it
woke up and got confused.

funny thing is, later in teh day at work, i stabbed myself
in the left thumb with a pin which squirted all over the

any ideas as to wot it means?
lemme know

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