the life of a sacred monster
2001-08-09 15:43:36 (UTC)


Heavenly Father, thank you for making me what I am today,
for giving me a sound mind and a good heart. Thank you for
giving me the ability for talents that I have a passion for
to pursue them according to your will, and thank you for
the capacity to love although I take advantage of it again
and again. There is someone out there whom I am causing
great distress to and I cannot help her because I cannot
help myself. Please be with her, Lord, and comfort her
because your love is far greater than anything a mere empty
person like me could dish out. Help her to realize it's
not her that couses such pain, or even you, but those lost
people looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.
She is that light, so comforting and warm. She'll find the
person you pick for her someday and he'll love her
endlessly. Please forgive me, I have only added to her
pain but I hope it's not to late for her. I hope it's not
to late for me. Be with those unsaved and lost people so
that they may see their light at the end guided by you.
Things will turn out right in the end and that is the
greatest gift yet no matter how huge the pain may seem. In
Jesus name