life is just a poker game
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2001-08-09 15:36:00 (UTC)

can't wait

until saturday when i'm out of this shit. tray's so full of
shit it makes me sick. literally. he's going out tonight
with chrissy for dinner and a movie, but it's not a "date".
this morning he was like "i've never shotgunned before,
here try it". looking back i should have said fuck off, but
i did it anyway. then find out he has important plans
tonight. she called here twice last night. and she's been
calling for the past few weeks, a couple times a week, at
least twice a night. it's really fucking annoying the hell
out of me. he's really fucking annoying the hell out of me.
(not to be repetitive, but...).

yeah, so maybe i'm a jealous ex, but we've been officially
broken up for a month, and we dated for close to five
years. excuse the fuck out of me.

He said this morning 'you're fucking crazy' so i said 'i
wasn't before i met you, i guess you did this to me'. it
was the shittiest thing i could think of to say at the
moment. pretty sad when i don't even try to hold my tongue

fuck him, though. he feeds me these lines of bullshit. and
then expects me to believe everything that comes out of his

so. fuck him. after saturday i don't care if i ever see him
again. he can mail the fucking check to me if he wants.