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2002-10-30 01:35:59 (UTC)

popcorn makes me happy

Today i went to school early. I was supposed to wait for
Kelly so we could get the notes we didnt have from each
other. well, she didnt show but i ran into lisa, another
girl from class.She bought popcorn and i was going to get
some, but had to find money and she said she would just buy
me some. it made me happy, it was a nice thing to do. small
gestures like that mean a lot to me. anyway, we had about a
1/2 hour before class but we headed up there to wait near
the door. after a few minutes i was in quite a good mood
and for no peticular reason. i offered everyone some of my
popcorn, even the kid that sits across from my class and
waits for his at the same time. he seems like a nice kid, i
would really like to talk to him and stuff cuz he seems
like he would be cool to be friends with but i dont have
anything to say. i think im gonna tell him about the
upcoming show with The Devils Discipline and Falling Into
Pieces(and Ed Gein) maybe he'll go. its gonna be a fun
show...itf hes from the area and into that kinda music he
should be interested. anyway so me and lisa decided to walk
around the hallway before class to kill time, and i decided
i didnt want to go. so i was like "come on lets skip" and
she said she would think about it. then we came to the
stairs and i was like "alright we are skipping" and we both
laughed and she said ok and we headed down the stairs. we
didnt do much, just walked around. i enjoyed myself. that
doesnt happen often that i am that happy and i made sure to
enjoy it, i was very greatful.hope to have more days like
that. tomarrow im going to a show with kayla and her friend
beth. hopefully it will go as anticipated and i will have a
good nite.