gold fish
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2002-10-30 00:40:59 (UTC)


ahh... ive been really happy for the past week..and its
been really fun.. friday we went to the football game..
that was fun .. i saw alec there for like a half hour! ahh
that kid is hot lol.. he was actually being nice for a
change.. lol but that only lasted till the day after.. now
it kinda seems like hes avoiding me.. i dont kno what i
did.. but i want to kno bad so i can fix it... i bet he
just likes jess again....i dunno.. but then saturday.. me
and lyndsey and maria went 2 the mall.. it was a good
time.. then sunday i went to jesses to play football with
the guys.. and on our way to the park shawn comes back
sayin that he fucked up his leg.... so he went to the
hospital and he ended up breaking his fibula! awwww i feel
so bad! o well hes a big boy bahaha.. uhm yeah.. and last
night while i was on the fone with alec.. my dad fucking
FLIPPED at me.. i was so embarassed so i got off the
fone..and my dad started to like beat me.. i aLmost punched
him ..but i just held it in and tryed to run out the door
crying... but he pulled me in.. then we screamed back and
forth for like a half hour.. and i just cryed all
night..and that wasnt me at all... i dunno what happend..
but i think my dad has really been getting to me.. omg im
so thankful for jess.. i called her up like crying telling
her everything.. she was there for me and i love her for
that....shes a great friend.. i kno i can trust her with n
e thing... :) .. well im goin to go watch Gilmore girls and
call jess to seee how her and shawn ( with his broken
fibula) are dooing.. love me

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