why me....
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2001-08-09 14:10:38 (UTC)

hey.. me again

Hey what's up nothing here.... neways the past few days
have been kinda ughh well not normal I don't know whats
wrong but I was in such a bad mood yesterday! I was totally
flipping out at everyone ughhh I totally hate when I get
that way.. I don't like when I do that...but when I went to
work some1 I work with totally knew something was wrong so
he gave me a hug and was like lets talk but I really wasn't
in a talkin mood but the fact that he as there was totally
great! Then omg I swear my day kept getting worse... so I
doing what I was suposed to and I was kinda walkin fast and
like not talkin to anyone and my face was all red so this
kid was like listen please talk to me I was to me I want to
help.. I just turned to him and started to cry... he was
hugging me and telling me it was ok... then he was like
listen lets talk I was like please I want to go hoe he's
like why when I was just like I want to go home!! then he
kept lifting up my sunglasses and drying my tears... how
sweet is that? then when we were walking back he was
holding my hand... AWWW he's too sweet... then when before
he left we were talking for a little bit and I finally
turned to him and was like I'm really really sorry but it's
not you I just found out something that I didn't want to
hear and it's not good... so he was like it's ok, but you
scared me, becasue you just started to like flip out and
wouldn't talk and you started to cry.. then he gave me a
hug and was like we'll talk later k.. I was like good deal!
so that was all that pretty much went on yesterday!