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2002-10-29 22:05:43 (UTC)

October 29, 2002 1:42PM (Tuesday)

Today is my birthday. I can't believe I'm already 20. I
still feel the same as I did yesterday. No big deal, right?
I'm only two decades old! Man, I read this quote that was
basically like this: 20 years from now it won't be the
risks you took that you will regret, but the ones you
didn't take. So, note to self: Be a risk taker! Anyways,
shout fest is today. I think it'll be fun. My sister wants
to go but I'm not sure we have an extra ticket. I don't
know how I'm gonna tell her but I'll figure it out
eventually. She'll be bummed. Oh well, it's my birthday
right? I get to have fun today. I'll write about how it
went tomarrow. Peace out.