The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-10-29 21:37:18 (UTC)

Krystal moves in just one week...

Krystal moves in just one week. That really bites. Why is
it that she has to move? Why can't the druggies or the
bullies move away? THe one person that I look forward to
talking to everyday just has to leave. Of course, nobody
else really talks to me anyways. SO the one person I talk
to everyday is leaving. That and the fact that the person
I like doesn't like me. I'm mostly positive of that. SO
yeah. I'm having a great time. Shut up Kaitlyn. I don't
want to hear it. I'm not going to keep going on this
Wild play the Avs tonight! It is going to be ne heck of a
game. If the Wild win, Mallory has to wear my jersey
tomorrow, If they lose or tie, I have to wear her Sakic
jersey. Not gonna happen. With Manny Fernandez in goal
and the game being at the XCel energy Center, the Wild
won't lose. They're the #1 team in the league standings by
the way! Gotta love that. NOt much else. Until Later