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2002-10-29 21:29:53 (UTC)

Flaming Femmes

Ahhhhh today. Today, today, today. I hectic day to say
the least. Plus, i think i'm sick. My head hurts and i feel
like shit. The bad kind. I also have an anatomy field trip
tomorrow. Now boys and girls, who likes to see dead
people when you're sick? No one, thats who.

Sometimes, i never realize the degree to which my life
is deemed thankful. I am thankful for so much. After an
incident today, i had and epiphany. I am such a jerk, but
Ocean is always there. Why? I always wondered. Now i

Now, because i am too tired to think and/or type, i will
say goodbye for today. Remeber, love others....and love
yourself...no matter what people say.
And another thing.....what other people think is
completely irrelevant, don't pay any attention to it. Pay
attention to what your brain says. Its the only thing that
actually, truly knows whats going on. "To disobey thy
mind, is to disobey thy self, thy love, thy beauty, thy
destiny." -William Shakespeare

Heed THAT motherfuckers!

Take care of others, and yourself.


-Dante Propagandhi

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