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2002-10-29 20:47:10 (UTC)

Jesus loves me!!

Jesus love me this I know, for the bible tells me so!!!
(it’s on the pencil that I am using today)
I don’t have to go to school tomorrow! YAY!! but that
means that I have to make up all of the work that I will be
missing...and thas no fun. I am going to the annual TSA
leadership conference, so I get to wear my kewl stewardess
type outfit thing. lol, but thas ok cuz everybody else has
to wear it too. I really need to be typing a thank you note
that Mrs. Evans asked me to write to all of the sponsors of
the dance. which once again is quite awkward b/c I am
thanking these ppl for helping out with a dance that I
didn’t even go to. but yah I’ll do it just to help her out.
I was walking around school campus today with my friend
Patrick and it annoys me so much when ppl are all like are
you guys going out?? I mean am I not allowed to have a
friend of the opposite sex? oh well...life goes on.
I had the funniest dream last night. I told kassi about
it this morning but ill tell ya'll now. I was in Lowe's
department store with Sam Carr and we were searching all
over that store for the CDs .yah we were looking for CD's
in a craft store...much to my surprise we found them. Then
Sam just bent over and kissed me on the cheek. and I was
like...ookk. and right as he kissed me on the cheek his mom
walked up and saw him and she was like "Do I need to teach
Bayer Aspirin to stay away from T??" Then I was like Sam is
that your moms secret language that she uses when ever she
doesn’t want me to know what she is talking about?? and he
was like no, that’s just my nick name that my mom calls
me...Bayer aspirin ya know?? I was like .....ummmmm...okkk.
then we switched over to a church building and brenden
Wallace was preaching and lots of ppl were there. but it
wasn’t exactly what you would call your ordinary
service...a few things where out of line...for one everyone
was just talking out loud while brenden preached his heart
out. then he just stops in the middle of his sermon and
asks me to go get him some fluids...but NOT tea. so I bring
him back some water with an orange in It.(don’t ask me why
I don’t know. I dream weird stuff) and he all freaked out
and was like this isn’t TEA!!! I wanted tea. then I was
like but you said no tea! so he goes to this kitchen and
puts brown food coloring in the water and takes out the
orange and then takes the seeds out of a lemon and puts
those in his so called tea....yah it was all weird. thas
not nearly all of it but that was a few strange
highlights. lol well I think that I am going to go know.
ill talk to every one later, Lord willing!! bye