De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-08-09 13:09:57 (UTC)

National Day!

9/8/01 Thursday

National Day today! nothing spectacular at sch..except i
went down to Cuba mall and bought 2 black jackets at onli
nz$50!! quite a steal!! realli like em.. and will wear
durin the ball...

we hadda fire drill exercise juz when we were preparin to go to the
high commission... dammit! i was in the toilet when the siren
sounded!! at 1st i thot it was an earthquake warning... quickly
finished my businesss and got dressed...(was about to shower u see)
and then ran out juz wearin my t-shirt and trouseurs!! freakin cold
out there.... dammm....hadta wait foraround 15 mins b4 they cleared
us and let us return

nite beckons and me, Prem, YL, Alan and Nick went down to
meet up with the rest of the Singaporeans to go to the High
Commission at Khandallh,..somewheer 2km from Wellignton...

The High Commission is a realli beautiful place situated on
top of the hill. The High Commissionaer to NZ, Mr Tan, is
such a nice and friendly person..He chatted to us like an
uncle to his nieces and nephews... the interiors of the
place was realli grand...and they set up projection TV to
show the NDP live..thru the internet : P...

and the food realli missed eatin duck ..and
i got to eat it!! woohoo!! realli good singaporean
spread... it's realli when one's out of the country when
u'll feel a kindof passion for ur country again... i felt
quite good being in the company of fellow
singaporeans...all of us juz mingled around informally in
the house.. we sat on the carpet , ate nonya kuehs and
watched the parade at the same time...although we are
serioudly laggin in the webcast : P

well realli great evenin... YL took photos again..shall
steal from her when we reached home this december....
another memorable nite!