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2002-10-29 19:41:44 (UTC)

Home Sweet Home

- or is that so...

Me and Tommy was aboard for a long weekend, Thursday til
Sunday, it was good go get away, relax and stuff. We was on
a mini cruise on a boat, some of his friends was there to,
it was good, no working, no get up early, but stil, we got
into problems, he has seen my cry now.

But moast of it was good;-)

What else is to say (there will be more about or trip later)
I miss beeing away all ready and have been thinking about
my life a lot lately. I want to have more fun, like this,
not work or go to school all the time, I have no spare
time!!! So I have decided not to work that much any more,
this is an inportant year at school and Im still young, its
time to have some fun!!

Samuel allmoast dided when I was away, can you believe
I cant, its my biggest fear everytime I go away that he
wont be there when I get back home, I know someday he`ll be
gone, but I hope Im home or with him when it happends.
But dont worry, he`s fine for now:-)