2001-08-09 12:17:18 (UTC)

1st one ,aug9th, 6am Thanks 4 getting me set up//

satilite was on all evening for Davie again ha sure
misses it when he can't sit there and watch his tv. The
poor rascal has nothing better to do it has become such an
enjoyment for him. he acually misses it whenit comes on too
late This little europeon starling with no legs has his
highlite of his day The Evening Watching Time. Another
super late nite when I said there would be only ones till
about 3-4am. It has been a most frustrating day alot of
cussing and swearring with the software/hardware not
working properly.It has been a challenging day in a hlf I
can just hope that after my sleep things will be better...
sent out alot of Emails to thoses that were waitting for
them so everyone should be happy Even able to place an
order for some stuff down East before I go to Sleep.. At
Least the end of the day has been a bit smoother..