Up here the light
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2002-10-29 18:18:08 (UTC)

Caught a lite sneeze

i have been sneezing all day but nonetheless its nice to
see the sun. im looking forward to snow for some odd
reason. i guess its the magic ive missed these past five

i dont have much to say right now.

my eyes look like potato sacks today. i am so tired. no
sleep until sunday either. oh well once i have my car im
sure it will all seem worth while. ruthie and i want to go
to ann arbor for shopping and exploration. not until after
west michigan though. that is my priority my handsome
reward. see mr. green and the makers of tasty casseroles
(that would mean the peshkas) and maybe my little "big
brother" in grand haven.

its been such a long time since ive been anywhere.

fall smells so nice.

levellers - mouth to mouth
portishead - dummy
venus hum - humming birds ep
the best of steve winwood

cucumber eye creme
slippery elm thoat lozenges
mr. green's yummy smelling skin

scarlets walk (today yay!!!)

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