My Inner Self to cherish thou experience
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2001-08-09 10:13:53 (UTC)

The contract Engineer of my work place. (08/08/2001)

Her name is Sunitha. She is a contract engineer under Fash
Macromedia. She is a beautiful lass. Her look as very
adorable. And she is very wild looking one. Every time am
around, she adores to watch me. May be she admires my
silence and good attitude which am proud of.

Today while having lunch, she stood beside me and I could feel
her interests to talk to me. And at the same time I also
understood her fear, because am a employee here and am a
senior to her. So she too have her own constraints. Well, it
was a nice experience to realize that, me a hick and a
simple person with just some good looks and little goiod
attitude geting admired by such a wild kid.
Later she left to take another serving of the food and when
she came back, beside me, I had kept my left hand against
the stand and she knew that, but yet she nudged me and stood
there. It mad me feel odd. I though to myself,
'Oh! lord why is this world so beautiful. Why is she, such a
nifty lass, getting turned on by little me.
All I could/can
do is to keep my distance from her as I am not yet ready for
a relationship with this kind of adorable creatures. All I
do is avoid her stare and stay silent. I know I'll find my
beloved whome I'd love more than she could have dream't of.
My affection shall be everything she would wish for and so
would I.
May be this lass would have a better man than me. All I
can wish is good for her.