the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-10-29 12:56:40 (UTC)

one boy and one gurl

so i guess thats how it is now ... and he is going to
Michigan to look at a college and he is leaving and I am
here and I dunno what his deal is but he said he wasn't
going to do that what is more upsetting is he lied to me he
siaid he had to go there for work .... oh BS he had work he
is going to look at a college.. humm so yeah why couldn't
he just tell me and then some one left me a message under
his screen anme and was like you must be the 17 year old..
and ldon't say anything more I understand and I left him
this long ass message and that person was not even going to
tell him .. that makes me so mad .. there is a reason I
sent him that message and he isn't going to get it .. I am
so angry about that . Theere is a reson I sent that message
so he could see it .. and like I feel like they are trying
to keep it from him .. they were like he will call u some
time this week and I was like OMG .. I dunno and I
shouldn't even care but I do b/c i am door mate i think ..
I dunno oh yeah i am not going to be at school for a while
i have to go to the dentist .. fun let me tell ya I am not
looking forward to him trying to rip my mouth open shoving
card board and crap in it .. OMG I am not looking forward
to it .