Trials and Tribulations of me

the trials and tribulations of me
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2001-08-09 06:13:40 (UTC)

confusing stuff

ya, so doug keeps at it. he totally avoids me and then
says really off beat stuff online. like "night
luv"...whats that mean? then he says some weird stuff
about him and i...and then i get all screwed up too. i
know that boys are stupid...but this kid is pushing the
limit!! its like..okay, if you like me, say it. i have a
pretty good idea that he has no interst in me what so ever,
cause he makes no attempt to talk to me at all...except for
the werid comments online. which i think are totally fake.
and i understand that he just broke up with his girlfriend
of 11 months...and he doesnt want it too seem like hes
moving on, but then why is he likeing laura and letting
everyone know about it. i mean sure, he could be trying to
get people to stop thinking that there is something going
on with us, but shes cute, a little annoying, but thats
okay i guess..if you like that sorta thing. i dont know, i
guess i just dont understand all the way or something. i
just want a strate answer. cause no one knows anything
about us so i cant ask someone. so im going by what he has
said too me..and what our mutual frind has told me, even
though he knows nothing about what happened, cause
according to him nothing happened. he thinks that doug
just doesnt like the thought of me likeing him and so hes
avoiding me...little does he know, doug did like me but
didnt tell anyone cause he was still with him girlfrind.
ahh...this is so screwed up!!! boys are stupid!