The Sexy Blonde
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2001-08-09 06:10:21 (UTC)

Wednesday 8-8-01

Hey Readers,

I really want feedback on what I have wrote so write
me sometime.Okay I am doing fine. I can eat more meat and
stuff since my surgery. Well my boyfriend and I went
shopping on Sunday and his dad bought me school shoes and
clothes for me and my boyfriends younger brother Alfredo. O
can't believe I did something with my boyfriend, not a bad
thing just something. Well Jose my boyfriend hasn't called
me for 3 days and I know he knows how to pick up a phone,
but I believe he is getting sick of me and needs his space,
he is sick of me crying, complaining and thinks I'm not
ever happy or satisfyed. I am but sometimes I just don't
smile all the time and I feel uncomfortable with his family
when he leaves me with them during the day after I gave
spent the night at his house.

I got really angry at Walmart today. I was in the
hardware section and I am standing right next to the guy
who can helpme and he walks away and I went to another
employee and said " Since that guys being an asshole will
you help me!" and he said sure and he walked me over to a
guy who could help me find strong flexible wire, he said to
the guy" Will you help this fine lookin lady get what she
wants?", then he whispered something about a hook-up and I
shook my head no.

Well got to go!! got to get off and clean and it is about
1:30A.M.! The clock is right in my room!!

Good luck readers~ Jessica

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