~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
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2002-10-29 06:09:31 (UTC)

halloween party

Made a private entry (in my livejournal) earlier about the
halloween party cuz some of the stuff I had to say, well,
it needed to be in a private entry lol... but here's some
of it copied into the public entry:

Okay, I am all cracked out right now. I dont even know how
I am writing this. Okay so the party... it was fucking
awesome!... no i am not joking! I had a killer time cuz I
was extrememly drunk! Me, Steph, Emily & a few others threw
in for some Devil's Springs! I had 2 shots of that... full
overflowing shots might I add! Then Jon's mom gave Rosie,
Sara's kick ass friend a big glass of wine & i drank most
of it. Then I had some of somebdy's Skyy Blue but I dont
remember who it was. This skater kid that I was taling to,
Joe gave me something mixed into orange soda. I just kept
asking everybody for alcohol & they just kept on giving it
to me! It was fucking great! I also kept asking everbody
for cigarettes & apprently I smoked a fucking lot of them.
After a while everyone was told not to give me any more of
anything but *someone* kept giving me more when I asked him
=) people kept telling me that I dont smoke. I'm
likew "tonight I do!" I was just talkin to everybody! It
was crazzzzy! I tried to smoe the wrong end of a joint that
nick gave me! Justin gave me a bowl too but I made him hold
it & light it for me. I had lost my unicorn lighter so i
was asking people all night if they found it yet. The next
day Devin (big) gacve it to Joe to give to Jon to give to
me. The people I was talkin to most were: Rosie (I love
her!), (arby's) Brandon, Chris, Stephan, (skater) Joe,
Nick, Sara, Don I dont know... I was talkin to everyone.
Like Ashley, Brittany, Matt, Zach, Kyle, pretty much
everybody. It was surprisingly VERY FUN! I had the best
time in a while. There's gonna be anmother party too. I
hope Rosie comes but I dont think she will cuz she lives in
Troy. She is one cool chick that I definetely could be
friends with!

I am VERY GLAD that Kylie ended up not going after all. I
think I woulda not been able to bond with people as much if
she had been there. I would paid most attention to her
probably. SO I guess things worked out for the best after

Ohh, btw I also go high for the first time the nite before
the party!!! I was VERY SCARED. Everything seemed so scary.
Everything was popping out at me. I cant believe I actually
got high for once! I had a huge hit from the trash can &
coughhed my balls off. Guess thats why.