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2001-08-09 06:01:07 (UTC)

F**king sister

~*My sister is fucking pissing me off so bad right now.I
swear im bout to throw this brush into her fucking face.OH
wells my brother was threatening to move in with my dad and
i couldnt help wishing he would.I almost started crying jus
wishing he would bc hes ruining my life.It would be a lot
better without him around here.To me hes like a little
version of dad and it depresses me.I feel like i havent
escaped him.Like i can never escape him.Ive been reading
this book that is kinda weird but is so close to reality
that it is scary.Its gerald's game.It is weird though but
it could happen and it is kinda like what goes through my
mind at times.Not exactly though...dont think im crazy or
nething lol.My day was pretty good.I went to "brenna's" and
got bored and mad...everytime i come back fomr over there i
get mad.Her and her bro piss me off bc they have so much to
say bout ppl but when i try to say something bout someone
they like go off.I ran at W&M...4 miles in 44 min, atleast
thats when i looked at the timer.Im in a good mood but in a
way im very edgy....i guess it comes with the territory.In
this house u turn very grumpy fast.I wrapped my hair but it
got on my nerves cuz i couldnt type with it like that and
took it out an hour later.Well im going to go.