I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-29 05:03:00 (UTC)


Looking into your eyes
Kissing your soft lips
Feeling the tips
Of your fingers
Running down every
Inch of my skin
I can feel you inside
Of me as well as out
There is something about
Being this close to you
Having you inside
My mind, my heart, my body
You have overtaken every
Aspect that is me
The sweat trickles down
Our intertwined bodies
As you hold me close
And don't let go
Runnin through me veins
All over my skin
You are in me
All over me
I feel you
I need you
Damn, I love you

Layin here with you
In your arms
As you are holdin me
Kissin my forhead
Runnin your fingers
Through my hair
I know now
Nothin with you is a mistake
We are now not only connected
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally
But physically now also
So I have to now ask myself
Could things ever get better than this?
But I already know my answer

I Love You Baby

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