The Cat's Meow
2001-08-09 05:18:07 (UTC)

Man, life is so confusing. I m..

Man, life is so confusing. I'm off to college in two weeks,
and man, am I scared. I don't know what to expect, or what
I want to happen. I don't even know what I DON'T want to
happen. I don't know who my friends really are, at a time
when I should be spending time with all of them! The whole
Jared thing is still looming over my head like a big rain
cloud, I just can't seem to shake it. I wish he would just
talk to me, let me know how HE'S feeling. It would just
help me a little more. I feel like the four months we had
together meant nothing to him, and that he'll never look
back on all the memories we had together, like I do
everyday. As he always said, life's a bitch. It's horrible
for me to say, but in a very sick and inronic way, HIS
words best sum up how I feel. I really hope I shake this
funk quickly once I get to college, I'd hate to not look
back fondly on my first year at college. Emotions can be so

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