Northern Belle

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2001-08-09 05:01:17 (UTC)

another day another life

ok on first entry i told i have a bf ( Chris) well ppl tell me
that Chris is cheating on me. but i dont care
but then again i do to know what some one you cared
for 4 got about you? it hurts. but knowing that i might be
able to go out with Derek. who is shy and tall. has
green eyes and redish hair. makes me feel better. but
knowing that Derek has not had it easy is gonna help
me trust him even more. i think Derek and i might just
last a long while. which is great. my longest
relationship has lasted 3 months and that was 3 years
ago. so its been awhile since i have had a long
relationship but anyway i hope he likes me. i am gonna
call his best bud tomorrow and get the 411 on him.
well gotta go
bye bye
Luv u always and 4-eva