lost, lonely and confused
2001-08-09 04:33:39 (UTC)


I realized today that my friends are all assholes, they
talk about each other so much it is sicking. I never ment
people who hate each other so much that the only reason
they get out f bed is too see who they can screw over
today. There is a last eight people in are group and every
one of us talks about eachother be hind are backs. Today we
go to the track to walk and its like we all go into groups
of two and we talk about each other and then we we wear
leaving its like nothing was said. ew they make me sick now
I really don't talk bout any one I was always told you have
something to say you say it to that person other wise it
will come back on you twice as bad. I have always done it
that way... I just don't understand people any more.....