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2002-10-29 02:38:38 (UTC)


finally...... things have gotten better.
first off the bad stuff. one on friday i had to work
which im begining to hate alot, yeah big surprise there.
two i have to pay my dad back for paintball suplies.....
yeah it sucks, its like 80 sum bucks. three, i aint got no
gf. four,it was my sisters b-day this weekend and as usuall
she gets more stuff than me. five, im maken enemies at
school. six, halloweens around the corner and i aint got no
one to go with..... can i go with u??? and seven,im doin
real bad in school. and a nother bad.... well anoying thing
is alyssa rice. i mean she can get real annoyng real fast.
i mean we're friends and all but she gets pissed off
easily. in the hall when im tryin to catch up with adam she
drags me back and gets mad when i can't hear her talking
cuz she's so damn quite. SPEAK UP!!!!!!
now for all the good.i got to go paintballin with
casey over the weekend. which was so fun, u would not
believe how fun. since adam couldn't go pntblln with us ,
cuz his dad don't like guns i guess, and if thats the case
he should see what my dad and i got..... lol...... ww3, i
took geoff recinski ( geoff- jeff ).hell of a time i should
say! the day before that on saturday i got to go hunting
with my dad. and yes i finally shot a creature of god,
muahahahaha. i got a pheseant with my 20 guage mossberg
bolt-action shot gun. yeah i had fun.......
well thats that. and alyssa a pheseant is a bird...
lol HEY!!! SKI CLUB MEETING ON THE 29 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nik 10/28/02