America's Sweetheart
2001-08-09 03:57:40 (UTC)


Well, this is my first entry. I have other diaries on, but that website is being a bitch so I came
here...i'm sure you'll treat me better, lol. And the good
part about this place: I can write mean stuff about the
people that read my other diary...hahaha! So let me talk a
little about my self first:

I'm 16. I am slightly depressed, it's not like I take pills
for it or anything, although, I probably should. I blame my
self for all my stress...the reason?? I allow myself to be
aroung negative depressed people that force their problems
onto me without caring about me *ex. my "best" friend...she
is a bitch...and she betrayed me...she had sex with my ex
boyfriend while we were dating.* Then there is my New best
friend, i love her to death! She is so much like me and I
think that is a good thing considering my ex-best friend
and I could not be more differnt! Well I'm tired so I'll
talk to ya'll later.