Daily Rants
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2002-10-29 02:04:06 (UTC)


I know I haven't been doing daily rants lately. Chalk that
up to the little gray stormcloud that's been hanging over
my head for the last couple of weeks.

Maybe it's something about fall - the weather, the kind
that chills you right through to the bone, and not in that
fun "Frolicking in a winter wonderland" sort of way. Or
maybe it's the fact that I have no real time to celebrate
Halloween, save for a party last weekend - Halloween being
my absolute favorite holiday, this is major suckage.

Or, this could be the fact of my classes are currently
kicking my butt. Projects that are deemed "unprofessional"
due to the three-hole punch from hell, labs where I knock
the products on the floor (BEFORE I can mass and analyze
them, wouldn't you know) or just the fact that they're
clumping... that awful happenstance when you have an exam
friday, and project due monday and an exam tuesday. (You
think I'm kidding? The order is Infectious Diseases, Gen
Psych and then Orgo.)

So, if I scowl at you or just seem like a generally nasty
person as of late, it's really nothing personal. Honest.
It's just that right now, things... well, things suck.