Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-08-09 03:48:32 (UTC)

im a bitch

well im such a bitch, i ended up breaking up a good
relationship b/c of my sexual inhibitions. i just need this
guy so bad and have been trying to break up him and his gf
for months and now that they finally broke up and hes
really upset i feel horrible about it, i never thought i
would feel bad about it. and well that thing with byram
blew up and i had to lie to defuse it, but it really ended
up ending everything so we werent talking and i called
steves today and he said that byram was with this chic
jessica, im si sad...and mike is away on vacation for a
week so i havent been chillin with him, i just hate all the
amount of work relationships and friendships take. ohwell.
ttyl. bye