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2002-10-29 01:41:28 (UTC)

The story of me and her

(Hey Krista...I got that song I cant believe finnished if
you wanna go back and read it)

I see her there
laughing with her friends
knowing I cant be apart
of the life that she lives in

Cant I sit beside her
cant I say hello
everytimeI come around
no emotion she can show

She lives her life now
with just a memory
of a time when all was right
a time of her and me

We were torn apart
seperated for no cause
i still love her
still remember what was lost

this is not a love story
If that is what you think
its a story that will shake you
the story of here and me

Every moment she was around
I was there too
we were the best of friends
theres nothing we didnt do

She fell in love with my brother
who was older than she
A love that was so strong
it was surely meant to be

her parents hated the idea
and they did not understand
they even took it to court
and had all contact banned

tears we all cry
because we cant be together
but theres just one thing they cant ever change
we'll be best friends forever

this is a story of 3 broken hearts
torn apart and cannot be
This is a story of 2 best friends
the story of her and me.

Love ya Krista BFF