Day to Day
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2001-08-09 03:41:50 (UTC)

It's been awhile

so, I just got home from chilling with Kristina and Tyler,
and David. That is sort of a weird combination though, not
the usual crowd I guess, but whatever. We smoked mass out
of Ty's pipe that he got in London. I love my herbal
friends, : )!
Not much has really been happening lately, just the usual,
I've been out to the Clifton house the most. I've also been
chillin with Josie and the Norwood crowd, I have a small
crush on this guy BJ, but I doubt nething will come of that.
As for me and Jeff, fuck it, I mean I can't put nemore
energy into something that is never gonna completely work,
and I honestly don't think he cares. He says that nothing
has changed except that I don't talk to him nemore, which
is bullshit because I write him but he won't write back and
he never calls nemore, so it is useless I guess.
I have been smoking some nice shit lately. Tom hooked me up
and then Mike L. did. It is nice when your dealers have
crushes on you. I was bad, I did coke again. But I once
again don't regret it because it really picked me up and I
don't crave it, I am sticking to doing it only when it is
free, still bad but FUCK IT! : )
REally nothing great has been going on. Just the amusing
convo between me or Jeff or the whole Brandon situation
popping up every once in a while, but basically all that is
the same old shit. I'll write if nething changes. night
night - brit