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2002-10-29 01:26:10 (UTC)

I Promise

I know I've done all of these things before...
but now-here I vow to you with all my heart and every ounce
of my soul I promise to never cheat on you again for as
long as our forever still exists.

I promise to make you happy. I wanna be able to always make
you laugh and even though we will get into it and argue but
there just test and trial that we will overcome together to
make us stronger.

I promise to be there for you through everything and when
you tell me to get out-lol-I promise to stay!
I promise to wake up beside you and hold you throughout the
I promise to cherrish you, everything, yourt voice, your
body, heart, and soul always.

I promise to raise your kid, To love it and raise it along
with its daddy
I promise to mean everything that I say at the alter.

I promise to need you, Not just your comforting words but
YOU. I promise to make us a life together the best way that
I can with a good house, and a nice car.

I could go on and on about what all I promise you but
theres a easier way of telling you.

So without further adue, I vow everything Now-Here I
Promise to love you. and because love can be expressed
through hundreds of things.
Its all that needs to be said...I promise!

I love you Steven with all my heart. *Ashley M*