Troubled Goddess

Private matters...not so private!*~*! D
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2001-08-09 03:40:52 (UTC)

Just peachy

I guess you can say that the topic of this entry is how I
am feeling today! I woke up this morning at 7. I rolled
out of bed and took a shower and then i got dressed into my
nice leapord lounging pants and went to summer school! As
soon as i got home I changed into my bathing suit and
waited for ron to get here. For those of you who dont know
he is my BF. We have been seeing eachother for 6 months
and 8 days as of today! WoW! long time!
Anyway we went to the lake and my woman (woman meaning
best friend) Jules was there! We goofed off in the water
for about 4 hours all together and then Ron and I came back
to my house! When we came back we went into my moms room
and laid on the waterbed and watched the evil dead 2! It
was really cool and then him and I cooked dinner together
(we cook together an awful lot)
After dinner we went to my grandmothers until about
8:30. We came home at 8:30 and went into my room to listen
to Delilah (a woman on the radio who plays nothing but love
songs on weeknights from 8-midnight and most of it is
requests, its so sweet) Until 9 he whispered sweet
nothings in my ear which mostly consisted of him telling me
how beautiful i was!
After that was over at 9, we did eachother a
few "favors" and i really should tell you he is great with
things like that, and then we had sex (for only the 7th
time in our whole relationship but most of the time we
still fullfil eachothers needs in other ways!!!!!) we were
over with that by 10:30 (can we say wow long session
tonight!!!) and from 10:30 until 11:00 we laid on my bed in
the dark making out!
At 11:00 we decided to go outside because his brother
would be there to pick him up soon so we went out and at
11:12 his brother showed up!
at 11:13 he walked me to my door.
at 11:13.25 he leaned down to me and gave me a long kiss!
At 11:15 he said "I Love you" to me
At 11:15.15 I said "i love you too"
At 11:16 he gave me a hug, kissed me again and then told
me to go to bed because tomorrow was going to be a long day!
I guess you can say that for me it has been a great day!
I will write again tomorrow if i have the time.
Love always and forever,
Troubled goddess

P.S. I figure that I will give you a name so lets call you
Godnight Gennaveive!