Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-10-29 01:00:10 (UTC)

Tests, tests, everywhere

Had a Spreadsheets test this morning. I dont think it went
too badly but I had no idea how to make it look nice which
was about 1/8 of the marks so meh to that. Aesthetics are
stupid anyway. Handed in my Philosophy essay this morning
too. Apparently this is the week when there's not supposed
to be classes. Well, according to Jess anyway. The Uni
info book says that Thursday and Friday are the days off
but for some reason I don't have a philosophy tutorial on
Wednesday. Most peculiar.

Went out on a spending spree after computing this morning.
Spent nearly £100 as well. Its a real bitch. Addicted to
spending money? Probably. Must be some kind of comfort
shopping or something like that. Or maybe I just like new
toys all the time. Nothing but a big kid I am. Oh well,
you only live once so I might as well enjoy it, I'll
probably be dead soon anyway.

Till next time Space Kittens!