Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-10-29 00:55:07 (UTC)


Me and Matt have been together fer almost three weeks..It's
kinda cool. Because we dont want our relationship based on
physical stuff and kissing. so, we hadnt kissed since the
night we met...which would have made it like three weeks
ago. Well, last night, he came over and Chris was there and
so was Jenn and then like Chris was like 'i'll turn around
so that you two can..yeah' and then i hugged matt and i was
like 'why? all we do is hug.' and then me and matt pulled
away and i like leaned in to kiss him and when i did, i was
just gonna peck him, but then we kissed. it was so sweet.
he's such a sweet guy. and i was afraid he'd like pull away
or something, but he didnt. I asked chris if he talked
about me on the way home and chris was like 'yeah, he said
how much he liked you and that he thinks you guys
click' made me feel so good. I just want it to work. I
mean, he makes me smile. He's honest with me, and I really
dont think that he'd hurt me like Adam did. He's so
different. He's not fake and he's sincere. I just hope that
he's in it fer as long as I want to be...but anyway, i'm
going to get going. ::smiles:: bye bye