a poetic Heartº
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2002-10-29 00:55:00 (UTC)

No One

Why would you treat me like Im a no one
am i a no one in your eyes
am I a dissapointment to you
can you see beyond my cries

Sometimes I cant catch my breath
and there are times when i hope i never do
because of a word or single look
one that comes from you

why would you treat me like im a no one
do you look at me that way
do you think it doesnt hurt me
when you say the things you say

My thrat it feels so heavy at times
and my words dont always come out right
i cant stand it when you raise your voice
and I dont like to fight

why would you treat me like im a no one
is htat the way you look at me
you dont know just how much I love you
your everything I could ever want you to be

Sometimes I just stare at nothing
cause I feel like your feelings arent there
am I wrong If I am please tell me
cause i need to know you care

Am I a no one to you
It seems that how you feel
but i love you what do i do
because that love is more than real.

ashley mccoy