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2002-10-29 00:48:38 (UTC)

Spending my Life With you

No matter our troubles
No matter the pain
I want you now and forever
with so many memories to gain

Im so lucky to have you
im so greatful that you care
you stay with me when im weak
Your my perfect pair

You hold me when I fall
comfort me through everything
and through all of my heartache
Your still holdin my hand

True love it is
and i never want it to die
no more will i cheat
our love will survive

NO one will take me from you
Im yours and yours alone
were gonna build our lives together
A family and a home

Ill walk down the isle
and recieve your last name
Forever and always
never will it change

ive never felt like this
its never felt as true
im gonna enjoy every moment
of spending my life with you

To Steven
ashley mccoy

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