Life as I know it.
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2001-08-09 03:21:19 (UTC)

Being an adult kinda sucks after all

Well lets just see how my day went, ill give you the

1. got money owed to me
2. got mail found out they never got my roommates rent
check i.e.) i had a late fee
3. got to bank, found out somehow my bank bounced -my acct-
4. Flipped the fuck out cause of aforementioned three

Actually right now, everything is cool. It all worked out,
except mellon cause my personal checking acct balance
doesnt work out with their things they are saying. Such is

Had a good laugh today too, like the guy that my friend is
MADLY in lust with in my building was talking on the phone
today and he is like talking on the phone to his
friend.....and he was talking about how he always reminds
girls of someone from movies when he is out...then he is
like to his friend, "yeah why do i always remind girls of
fat guys with black hair?" I just died laughing. Then
later on in that phone conversation he sang a song that he
and his friend wrote and it went like this "girls fuck the
fat guys, whoooooooooaaaaaa girls fuck the fat guys" So I
was all laughing again. At least a guy who actually is
pretty decent looking and a decent human being who seems
secure in all he does, is at times, very insecure. I know
everyone is, but sometimes its nice to realize it first

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