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2002-10-28 23:17:16 (UTC)


Friday Night- well tricia came up! way cool, so did max's
friend greg.. We hung out at Max's for a while then came
back to my room and spent the rest of the night here...

Saturday- So i wake up late and realize that we have like
no time to make it to the show.. I bring max and greg back
to north and we like take showers and leave asap.... When
we got back to suffield we met up with carli and kendle..
and we all went to the show.. Wow, I must say i was so
proud of those guys.. they did really good. Letters to
you.. woo hoo! well yeah i was so impressed. But after
that we went home and me matty and sara went to the
package store.. matty made sure to leave his lights on so
when we got back to my house he had no batery.. good job
matty. we proceeded to come back to uconn, and went to
Max's but i didnt feel good so we didnt stay for long..
then i came back here and basically went to sleep. What a
exciting night..

Sunday- well i had to work from 1-6.. this week is going
to be hell for me..i work tuesday wednesay thursday and
saturdday 5-12.. thats a shit load of hours.. ha but i
like money so we'll see how this goes..

Big dilema- how to keep my car up here without recieving

As for everything else... I am confused about alot of
things. but what should i expect its me!? but i dont know
we'll see what happens with everything and eventually
everything will work out...

Monday Night- I freakin gbrought sara and max to class
haha how lucky are they.. then i have to pick them up come
get greg, bring him to get beer, then perhaps a trip to
the mall... besides all that.. i dont know what else i
could do tonight. we'll see........

Advice- everyone read COSMO.. good advice and facts for
everyone.. Did you know taht a man ejactulates about 18
quarts of seman in his life time.. or that the largest
penis on record is 13.5 inches.. OUCH.. anyways... lol.
ejactualtion can shoot up to 2 feet.. woo hoo.. Amber Sara
and I had a field day with these facts lol.... Also guys
horoscopes.. IM me if your curious! but im out

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