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2002-10-28 22:54:41 (UTC)

October 28, 2002 2:19PM (Monday)

I ended up skipping school this last Friday. I skipped
school today too. I just don't feel like going anymore.
Anyways, it's stupid of me because I spent almost $10,000
to go. It's all good I can make up all of those classess.
Well, I don't work at Food-4-Less anymore. I'm still on the
schedule, they just haven't given me any hours. I didn't
tell my sister or her boyfriend the truth but it really is
my fault. I mean, I called in sick like 2 times and I guess
that really pissed my manager off. I could really care less
the fucking peice of shit, I hate his stupid ass anyways.
He really is an idiot. Anyways, I'm so mad. Last night I
was so pissed off I wanted to kill somebody. I just get so
mad, sometimes there's a reason and sometimes I don't even
know why I'm pissed off. If someone's actually reading my
diary and ever feels this way, please email me and let me
know. It'll make me feel a little better that I'm not
alone. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 20. I can't believe
I'm getting so old. Damn it feels like I was just 16
yesterday. Time goes by so much faster the older you get.
Yesterday I went to church at 10AM and then after church we
had a family banquet. Our church does it every last sunday
of every month. The food was good. After that we went to
watch the youth and the adults play flag football. I just
watched cause my stupid ass didn't wear the right kinda
shoes to play in. It's all good though, Pastor Tony got us
some Mc Donalds. She's such a kewl person. So, after that
we went to bible study at like 6:30. This kid that raps, he
got the gift of tongues. It was pretty kewl. So when I got
home I was exhausted. Saturday we went to Pastor Gary and
Pat's for her birthday. I couldn't believe they're house.
It was so huge. I mean, the kitchen was like the size of
our living room and kitchen put together. They had like 3
spare rooms too. Man, I wish I could live there with them,
that would be so tight. Yeah, so my sister's boyfriend
Kevin is going in to the military. He has to go away for
boot camp and tech school. I'm trying to get a job making
at least $8 an hour so I can pay rent. My sister is talking
about like $350 a month. I'm so fucking pist. I'd rather
pay twice that much and rent out of someone else's house
then live with her and her kid's. I'm so sick n tired of
her bullshit. I hate living there with a passion. Right now
I'm about to go and see if Trader Joe's is hiring. I really
do need a job. Plus, I have to take these presents back I
got for Pastor Tony so I'll have some spending money
tomarrow for my birthday. We're going to 'Shout Fest', the
college group, and the youth group. Since my family is all
the way over in California and my sister and her boyfriend
don't give a shit that it's my birthday. I'm gonna make
sure I have fun myself. I better go for now but not
forever. I'll post another entry later on today.