shell's life
2001-08-09 02:53:34 (UTC)

dammit.........these boys are killin me

well here's the deal. when i was at school i went with this
boy brandon. he was really sweet (when he wanted to be) and
i used to think he was cute. well i went with him 4 times
in the span of a school year and no more than a month each
time. well somewhere during all that time he fell in love
with me. the boy derrick that i am going out with now is
one of his friends. well i'm still friends with brandon and
he is STILL in love with me and i really dont see why after
all that i've done to him. but anyway... whenever i talk to
him he tries to make me feel bad about going with derrick
(and it works)and he always tells me that he loves me and
wants me back. i'm really starting to like derrick alot and
i don't want brandon back. the problem is that i don't know
how the hell to tell him. and i know if i do i will loose
everything that we have and i will break his heart and hurt
him ever more than i already have and i don't want that to
happen but i do want him to leave the past alone and just
go on with his life. i have tried to clue him in a few
times but he can't get it through his head that we are
done. any advice?