No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-28 22:31:48 (UTC)

A whole ton of stuff is going on

"Beauty alone makes all the world happy, and every being
forgets its limitations as long as it experiences her
I have a lot of horoscopes that are cool today...but I'll
only bore you with some of them...then I'll tell you about
my day.
"Beware of people who can't adapt as well as you can. Let
somebody else deal with the world today while you take care
of personal matters. Work on solving your own problems
before tackling someone else's. You may have been trying to
do too much lately."

I love my friends, but right now my concentration is on
figuring my life out. I need to do that, and I will. I just
want everything to be "happy" and "good" again. With or
without that person. Chances are without, and it really
doesn't bother me.
"You agreed to play this game. Maybe you even helped make
the rules. Why are you so bored with it now? Don't bail
yet. There's someone new coming in, and you should really
check out his or her moves before you go."

Ok, sure I agreed to some stupid stuff and I probably did
help make the "rules." At least I stuck to my word and I'm
not the one that can't make my mind up. I'm not bored,
pissed. And I have a reason to be and not one person has
told me I don't. I didn't do anything, and don't deserve to
be blown off like that. I'm not the greatest thing in the
world or even close, but I do hope to be treated kindly. I
try to treat people the same way. Everyone messes up
though. Go? ha. I'm gone. lol.
You put on your boxing gloves before you left the house.
Yes, you're stubborn and selfish and if other people don't
like it they can shut up or throw down. Just remember that
tomorrow you'll need friends again.

Yes I did put my boxing gloves on, and they still are on. I
am stubborn, yes. And sure, I have selfish tendincies,
after all, I am human. But I also deserve an explaination.
It's bad when my sister knows more about my life than I do.
I won't hurt my friends though, there is no way I will take
my anger out on them. They do nothing but support me and I
love them.
To spare you from 3 weekly horoscopes, I will just sum it
up for you. Basically, I am going to have an ok week and an
awesome awesome fun-packed weekend. Sounds great to me! I
have an ROTC thing Saturday, but that should be pretty fun.
Alrighty, on to my day. I woke up happy and hyper. It was
light out though, didn't like that. But when I wake up to
light it puts me in a good happy hyper mood. I got ready
really quick. I haven't been worrying about my hair and
make up lately. I just get my hair out of my face, and put
eyeliner, mascara, and chap stick on. I just haven't been
caring to go all out. I have no reason too. Anyways, I went
to school, talked to my friends, went and talked to Terry,
explained my dinosuoar theory (I'll explain that in my next
paragraph) and then went back to hanging out with my
friends. My classes went well. I guess Erin went to Terry
and was like "I hear you don't call anyone back anymore"
she said Terry started YELLING at her to stay out of his
personal life and get off his ass. lol. Apparently, I think
some people have been on his back for Saturday. He owes me
an apology big time. I did nothing to deserve that.
Actually, I don't even know what I did for him to be like
yeah I don't like her anymore. *shrugs* My sister says I
did nothing. Is it something I didn't do? Oh well. I am
going to get closure, cuz I think after 4 months I deserve
at least an explaination, and then I will move on. It's
best this way. Anyways, my sister knows more than I do
about my personal life and this whole Terry thing than I
do. THAT'S FUCKED UP. Really bad. This is all bullshit and
I just want to sort it out and get back on track. But, my
day did go pretty well. I am having Chineese for dinner.
YUM! Our Dress Code started today where we have to tuck
shirts in and wear a belt. It's shit. But oh well.
Ok, I was talking to a friend last night and I came up with
this crazy idea. We should be dino's. Yes, it sounds nuts,
absolutly crazy! But think about it for a mintue. Ok,
dino's freaking rock. They are cooler than people. Some of
them can also fly. They aren't materialistic. They don't
wear clothes (I enjoy clothes...but anyways) and they don't
get emotionally attached. If they were to leave for another
mate, they would quickly kill their origional mate. That
origional mate would die happy and never know something was
wrong. They also eat their young. They don't get attached.
I think it'd be cool if dino's ruled again and humans were
extint. Jess, Terry, and Trish think I'm nuts. Jess was
like "dino's are as extinct as 2Pac" I told Terry that and
he insists that 2Pac isn't dead. HE IS FUCKING DEAD. Is
Elvis dead? Yes. It's the same situation. HE IS DEAD GET
Wanna hear a funny joke? The Elvis/2PAc thing reminded me
of it. Ok,

What do Dale Earnheart and Pink Floyd have in common?

Their greatest hit was the wall.

Sorry to the Dale Earnheart fans, but you have to admit it
is funny.
I'm out, I'll probably write more later.