The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-08-09 02:42:42 (UTC)


Ok, well i havent written in this for awhile so i think i
will write in it...and instead of just writing normal crap
i have decided to just plain out complain...why you
ask?!..b/c i can! and i am sick of being all bored and i figure if i complain people might notice that i
am still alive....Ok well were can one start....lets
see....i am pretty much sick of know one ever Iming me, or
calling me, or ever talking to me they never want to hang
out with me....There is like one persone who ever IM's me
when i am online and they only IM me half of the time...and
i understand that people have other people to talk to,but i
guess i never thought that out of four people they would
ALL be talking to alot of people..Another thing that is
bothering me is that a person that i know never seems to
mention me..and i have done some things with this person
and they never mention me..or anything...but they do
mention other people..(i wont say who this is b/c i am to
afraid they would get mad at me)...oh well thats all..of
course i am sure it is pointless to even post that last
message i mean its not like people read this stupid thing
P.S One more thing...
No one ever seems to want to do anything with me?!..please
tell me...what am i doing wrong...?!
(it most likely has to do with the way i look and act...but