Finally the doors are opened..........
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2001-08-09 02:23:10 (UTC)

~My Path~


Looking up at my dark skies.
Down below my torchured soul.
Everywhere I see my pain down my path forever in it's vain.

This path was made for me to show me who I am.
Showing my pain inside that I always tend to hide.
My path is mine alone, no one elses, no ones home.
This is my path, my path of pain, my path alone.

There is no ray of light for heat.
I am left in my dark ness, alone with my moon.
In my path with no one my truth.

My path has taken me to my truthful darkness.
Down my bruised road to my life that is shown.
That path I will take over and over.
Down to my darkness.......

Down to myself alone, always, forever.......

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