My Journal...sorta lol
2002-10-28 21:04:16 (UTC)

Got a bad case of the mondays lol 10-28

Alrighty then... I gotta get updated on the past couple of
days and whatnot hehe. The long weekend is officially over :
( it was fun tho. Saturday I worked four to close, it was
alright tho cuz i worked with steph and ash fun times...
then steph slept over cuz the next day we were going to go
to great america.. Bri, Bry, and V stopped by that night
and they were so shit faced it was hilarious lol so then
yesterday we went to great america... it was AWESOME, a bit
cold, but still awesome... it was me, nicole, ash, steph
and dan and then ash's friends came separate... we had to
split up which was gay but it all worked out... alright
instead of beating around the bush (LOL) im gunna just get
this out cuz it is a diary hehe, the whole dan and ash
thingy... well for some reason i get really quiet when
theyre together, im just not myself... i like zone out and
think and i think and think and it eats away at me thats
why i get so quiet... and i hate that... I just wanna be
myself and be all happy and shit... its like part of me is
jealous (and not cuz theyre together) but cuz i feel like
im being replaced, idk... its like dan is such a great
friend and i know him and ash are gunna get close, so where
does that leave me?? in his free time hes gunna wanna be
with her and i know its gunna happen one day when i see if
he wants to chill and hes gunna be like oh im spending the
day with ashley and im gunna be like ok.. have fun yah
know? i guess im just afraid of losing him as one of my
best friends to someone else....i know i havent known him
long, but i dunno i just feel comfortable around him, like
i can tell him anything and yea i know i'll get a sarcastic
remark but i know hes listening lol. hes a good kid hehe i
dunno, enough about that... yea well thats about it... i
didnt have a very interesting day today.. i have lots of
homework but yea do you think im gunna do it? hell no lol


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