The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2002-10-28 21:01:14 (UTC)

October 28, 2002

Today Vanessa Will take Lukasz and I to get empties for
Lukasz, because he needs them for his trees. I havent
spoke to yiu very much lately because, i been very busy
with life. Since momorial day weekend I been doing to much
of yayos. Every weekend it went to from every other day, to
almost everyday. Its now october and i am finally trying to
give it up. Since, after the police caught us and actually
let us go. That was something i'll never forget, for the
fact that I almost got everyone in trouble. I was really
fucked up that night. The cop kept asking me all different
kinds of questions. I didnt know what to say. Well, since
Aug.13,02 i havent spoken to christine. Lukasz, Vanessa,
and I been doing fine. I dont chill with Peter and Dentka .
Except for that dentka wants to talk to me this comming Wednesday.
I hope it has someting to do with money. I been very broke. this
whole summer went to spending my money on yays and erbs.Yesterday
Lukasz and i did yays, while Vanessa went to see Jack ass with peter.
Erin is still around and alive. She is doing good too. She has a job
at California Sunware in the GSP. Well Ttyl got things to do.