Finally the doors are opened..........
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2001-08-09 02:06:32 (UTC)

The begining.......

The moon walking it's way to my window while I smile at
it's children.Looking at the beauty.Seeing how innocent it
looks above me.Much less then my life,being filled with
only the opposite.Knowing for that one moment that all of
that exists but I know that it will be taken away from me
in all due time.Everything that I had loved or still do no
longer blongs to me.At a joyous time it did.Then I thought
no force could ever take that away but again I was wrong
like so may times in life.It makes you not want to get
close to anything so great for you always have that thought
that once again it will no longer be known to you.So you go
through the days kowing that.Noticing sometimes a tear
going down your cheek in sadness.Just because the reality
of it all actually hit you and you find that you have to
live with it.

Since "The begining" I only know what I have been
taught.So I thought at the time.From the time I was brouht
in this "world" I had thought my life was normal.So would
any child just being born.Everything was new to you.What
you were shown was right to you.No one taught you any other
way.It's like being blind from the begining I guess you
could say.But not knowing till it jumps out right at
you.Now I am getting ahead of my self.( well I must go.I
have to tend to my nightly life.The one place where I feel
confort.But dont know how long that will last.You will soon
know why.............I hope.......if there's time.)