The meanderings of a mind
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2001-08-09 02:05:02 (UTC)

How it is....

Do my eyes tell you a story?
Do you feel love in each touch?
Can you taste heaven in my kisses?
Do you want me half as much?
Can you feel the way my heart beats?
Can you tell these arms hate letting go?
Do you know you're my every thought?
It's true, I just wanted to let you know.
Do you lie awake nights thinking of me?
Do you smell my scent on the air?
Do you remember everything we've done?
Do you wish that I was there?
Do you reach out your arms to pull me in?
Do you realize you're alone?
Do you fight back a rush of tears?
Do you reach for the phone?
Do you count each second, each hour, each day?
Do you anticipate the next time you touch my hair?
Do you whisper I love you in the dark?
Do you know how badly I'm wishing I was there?

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