lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-10-28 20:07:05 (UTC)


i refuse to see that movie. i have my own jackass boys in
my front yard.

yesterday the usual suspects hung out at my house, and
brian and joe did crazy stuff...first it was just skating
and riding the bike down in the culdesac, but after cat
lady kicked us out, they started climbing ladders and going
off the ramp on the hill and all kinds of
stuff...whatever. weeeeird children. but it's all cool.

and when i talked to eddie last night, i started getting
real excited about homecoming. we're eating at spanish
hills...might be taking aaron's impala or else a cadillac
convertible...and our group now has 10 people in it:


yippee hooray...i'm pretty darn excited. my dress is
cute...really it is.