Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2002-10-28 19:54:33 (UTC)



When i walked into the club C and my sister were talking to
the people that they knew and i was in the back drop once
again. i was directed to go to the dance floor area. While
i was standing their i had this feeling that someone was
looking at me then that same some one was marty. my sister
and c had disappeared somewhere. I turned around and gave
with a hug.

(Now let me give you the info on us.
I met him this summer i thought that he was feeling me but
i wasn't sure besides his more in my sisters age range than
mines. He would joke around with me he even scouped me up
in the air, i didn't know that she was that strong. He gave
me a radio station shirt and a coulpe of cd's that he was
suppose to pass out, but didn't because he was busy walking
around, working, and talking to me. He's come over the the
house a couple of times that i know of for my sister and
me. He would ask her where's SC she not gone speak then she
would come back there and say Marty's out here and that's
when i come out to get my huge. He holds me so close and
tight- i love it. then we just chill and joke around. He
knows that im feeling him, the sexual tension is there
between us and it was exceptionally thick last night.)

Now yesterday took it to another level, i didn't have to
large bag that i had the night before. He was like are you
ginnog to dance with me tonight i was like yeah that's why
i wasn't holding that huge bag but in my head i was just
happy that he'd even asked me.

I took off my jacket he was like whoa when he saw my dress,
i was like where you going what's wrong. He was like nothin
at all the as he walked with me to the dance floor i heard
him say damn under his breath.We were dancing then when the
straight line of right songs came on we both just let go.
We were grindin each other and twisting and i made the
mistake of rubbing his neck the right way as we danced. He
moved back and was like girl u betta leave my neck along,
i almost for got who you were, i pulled him back close to
me and said whatever as i did it again. He pulled me closer
and started sliding his hands down the sides of my body and
on my neck which turned me on then to make it better he was
running his fingers through my hair when my song came on
then it was over we were dancing up against the wall and i
felt him rise as we grinded i wanted him to just pull me in
the corner and kiss me and with one leg up put it on me on
the wall. The way he danced up against me he was prolly
thinking the same thing. He rubbed his hands up and across
my back which turned the way he danced up another notch
pulling my closer to him. As i rolled my hips on him he
slid his hands down my body to my thighs and pulled me
even closer.On him...oh my godness i wanted him so bad.As
we danced i sang the words to the songs that played and my
lips and breath kept touching his neck softly and slowly
that same sexual tention went up some more and as we danced
he kissed my neck ooooooooooh. his lips were so soft. you
know i had to return the favor. And as i did he turned me
around facing and pulled me on him up against the wall and
danced holding and dancing against me as if were, were
laying down releasing the tention we had been building up
since we'd met. the tighter he held the more i wanted him
and the more my dancing let him know it. body language was
telling us everything that night, i know that he wanted to
just as much as me. the guys who did try to speak wasn't
speaking last night just looking at us like damn they gone
do it tonight, some asked me was that my man because they
wanted to dance with me but they ain't want no trouble...i
only wanted to dance with him. Because i was feeling it
with him. Q was looking at us then focused on me and was
smiling-that would never happen but i don't care i was
with who i wanted to be with. When it was over he gave my
sister a kiss and a hug then he pulled me close to him and
gave me a hug with his hands under my jacket and kissed him
on the neck he was like thats it- if we were on tv that
would have been the part where i look into the camera and
smiled...he pulled me back to him closer than before and i
slowly licked his neck then kissed hm he pulled me closer
in a tighter hug sliding his hands slowly down my back he
whispered much better.
i wanted to bite -if he only knew. i see that we can't be
alone together-too bad.

i went to sleep thinking about it, im sure he did too
because he left the club stiff just like his boys who was
us dancing said he was going too(wink wink) and they
thought i was his girl. We had the club fooled las'night
and almost ourselves had we been dancing along
oooooooooooooooooh weeeeeeee